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Are You Facing issues with the Cast Iron Pipes at your home/condo or commercial building?

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We have just the technology for you - Cast Iron Pipe Repair with Robots. Our solutions work for all homes, condos, offices, hotels, hospitals - any building.

No Demolition

Get your Cast Iron Pipes cleaned, unclogged, and repaired without removing a single brick using our technology.

Proprietary Tech

USA Pipelining uses proprietary non-invasive technology to clean your cast iron pipes using Robots.

Versatile Solution

We can help you maintain and repair your cast iron pipes for your homes, offices, hospitals, sewer lines, gas lines, airports, and stadiums.

15-year Warranty

We believe in standing by our claims. USA Pipelining offers a 15-year warranty on all our projects. You won’t need to, but you can call us any time.

The Process

See how our Robots work their magic to give your pipes a new life!



Our pipe-cleaning robots use expanding steel brushes to remove years of harmful corrosion from the inside of pipes.

These versatile units can navigate their way through both curved and straight pipes removing even the heaviest deposits as they go. Sewer pipes from 1 ½” and up are no problem for us. When all the scale is completely cleared out, we bring in an industrial blowback airhead to suck out debris to the front of the house and clean them out.



After the pipes are completely cleaned out, we send in a robotic camera that can maneuver around curves, over dips, and through straightaways.

Our technicians use this to pinpoint the location of cracks and heavy corrosion, identify leakage sources, and other plumbing issues.



Our coating robots are driven by compressed air and feature heads that spin at 9,000 rpm as they spray epoxy along the interior of your pipes. We use a fast-cure solvent based on polyaspartic aliphatic urethane coating. The fast-cure and quick dry-time will allow you to use your bathrooms by the time you get home in the evening.

The urethane epoxy has superior chemical resistance, a hardness shore D=80, compressive strength of 12,000 psi, and resists abrasion.

Once coated, your pipes will be immune to metal scale formation or corrosion forever.

The smooth, slick finish will not allow toilet paper to block your drainage system. The best part is all our machinery, tools, equipment, and urethane are made right here in the USA.

See what our customers say about us

"I am very pleased with USA Pipelining. They are all very professional and did a tremendous job saving this Association over a million dollars of highly invasive work. Patrick and Lenny are very helpful and always respond to any questions quickly. If you have to have your cast iron pipe lined this is the company to call. They blow the competition away in price and service. They have honored every word in the contract and go above and beyond while not charging for unforeseen problems like many others do. Honesty and integrity are very important in this industry and you will never find a more honest person than Lenny."
Newth Gardens Condo Assoc
“These guys line the pipes with a patented resistant coating that can line the entire pipe, not just sections. This is something other companies could not do. However, USA Pipelining was the only company who could handle the lining of the entire belly of the pipe. We were in a panic and USA Pipelining saved us thousands of dollars. I highly recommend you contact them for your piping problems.It’s been months now and we have had no issues at all. We used to get weekly backups, but USA Pipelining fixed our problems and they will do the same for you. They are honest, and they have an excellent team. Contact them today.”
Dan Sha, Coral Springs, Florida
"Many thanks for your wonderful service at the Country Crest Apartments. Your men were exemplary. They were all very courteous and polite to all the tenants as they entered each apartment to handle the necessary plumbing requirements.To have your epoxy pipe lining system throughout our waste lines is a wonderful relief knowing we will no longer deal with the problems of opening walls or digging up floors to replace broken waste lines. Our buildings are more than fifty years old. I have been told that the cast iron pipes will last only a couple more years before I have to completely replace them. I am pleased that I was proactive and had all my lines resurfaced with your lining system. What peace of mind this brings me to know that I took care of a problem. Your company and staff are a joy and pleasure to work with.
Mitchell Zogby
Manager of Country Crest Apartments 6430-6400 NE 18th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334

We Save Your Pipes!

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