We are a South Florida based plumbing company specializing in pipelining, a method of restoring existing pipe systems in residential and commercial buildings without the hassle, time, and staggering expense required by inferior, conventional solutions. Our unique robotic pipelining process records the current state of pipe systems, cleans out rust and deposits, and then coats the metal interior with safe, impermeable epoxy resin, permanently sealing leaks and improving water flow.

Why usa-pipelining?

Our team of experienced professionals have over 50-years of combined experience in light commercial, residential, and industrial construction services. Our long term relationships with a wide range of clients have helped us build a nationwide reputation for excellence and professionalism. Our mission is to offer the best pipelining service available in the United States at the most affordable price.

Environmental solution to water quality - NSF/61 approved

Cost Effective – 30-50% less than pipe replacement

Minimal downtime

A faster and cleaner process than conventional pipe replacement

Removes years of buildup, scale, and corrosion

Restores the integrity of even the weakest pipes

Seals leaks and prevents new ones

Corrosion and wear-resistant barrier

Pipes are finished with a smooth, interior lining

Keeps water flowing cleanly

Eliminates hiding places for bacteria and viruses

What areas have benefited from our system:

Deaucater General Hospital - Sewer Lines

Morton Hospital Massachusetts

Bel Harbor - Miami

Coral Ridge Towers - Fort Lauderdale, Fl

The Clipper and Tower Building - Biscayne Cove, Aventura, Fl

Oriole Golf and Tennis Club - Margate, Fl

Ocean Club Condos, Boca Raton, Fl

Tiara East Condos - Deerfield Beach

Over 50 Houses all over South Country