If you have recently been a victim of pipeline damage or breakage, you might be looking for ways to repair it. However, while the most common way of repairing pipelines is to dig and replace them, it can be quite time-consuming and a lot of hassle. Most people do not know that there is a way around it. There is a procedure for pipe restoration USA in which you do not need to dig them up to replace or conduct some patchwork. With this ability, pipe relining has become more popular amongst homeowners who do not want to knock down any walls or destroy their yards.

What Essentially Is Pipe Relining?

The processes and methods used can differ with each type of pipe relining service when it comes to relining pipes. However, only the best relining services used a particular way to repair and reline broken pipes and blocked sewers. At USA Pipelining, we inspect, clean, and then line the pipes with our premium epoxy.

Here are some more details of our process:

  1. Inspection and Measuring The Pipes

It is always important to measure and inspect what is actually wrong with the damaged pipes. Typically, a drain cam is sent down the plumbing system to realize the problem. It also helps measure the pipe and triangulates the exact location of blockages or breaks.

2. Clean out the pipes, remove scaling and turberculation

Much like many of the best pipelining services in USA, we use robots to descale and remove corrosion from pipes. We use a robotic head on our equipment to remove old waste that has been stuck to the cast iron pipes for years.

3. Coating The Pipes

After that, we mix the epoxy and then coat the pipes. The process does not require any digging and the epoxy forms a new pipe within the cast iron pipe.

Our system is different from other companies because we can do the entire pipe instead of just sections, whereas other companies inflate tubes to cover up leaks and cracks. Our technology goes around the bends and areas in the line to create a complete solution within the cast iron pipes. As a result, this will keep the pipes clean and free from cracks, leaks, and problems for years to come.

For installation of pipe relining solution, you can reach out to the professionals at USA Pipelining.

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