Pipe Inspection and Evaluation

Pipe Relining

Our coating robots reline and coat descaled pipes. The layer of epoxy seals the pipes and the stops corrosion process. Read more about our 6 step process.


Although we are Certified and Insured Plumbing Contractors (License number: #CFC058029) we’re not in the residential plumbing call business.. We’re cast iron pipelining experts. Our plumbing license allows us to pull the permits necessary for our pipelining projects. If you just need a plumber, we’d be happy to make recommendations.

Pipe Inspection and Evaluation

Step 1: We run a robotic camera through the building’s piping system to inspect the line. The robot video records the current state of your pipes, including any cracks, leaks, and deposits.  

Step 2: We send a second unit through to completely scour away all rust and corrosion.

Step 3: The third robot runs through the pipe spraying the interior with a safe epoxy sealant. The new barrier stops leaks, improves water flow, and puts an end to corrosion. 

Step 4: Finally, we run the camera robot through again to ensure the pipes are completely sealed. 

Pipe Cleaning

Conventional plumbing uses a snake to clear out blockages from pipes. But this is only a temporary fix. Before long, the pipes will get blocked again–you can count on it.  Our robotic technology completely descales the inside of pipes, preparing them for relining.

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