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I am very pleased with USA Pipelining. They are all very professional and did a tremendous job saving this Association over a million dollars of highly invasive work. Patrick and Lenny are very helpful and always respond to any questions quickly. If you have to have your cast iron pipe lined this is the company to call. They blow the competition away in price and service. They have honored every word in the contract and go above and beyond while not charging for unforeseen problems like many others do. Honesty and integrity are very important in this industry and you will never find a more honest person than Lenny.

Newth Gardens Condo Assoc.

Under Newth Gardens - Put Boca Raton, Florida

It’s been months now and we have had no issues at all. We used to get weekly backups, but USA Pipelining fixed our problems and they will do the same for you. They are honest, and they have an excellent team. Contact them today.

Dan Sha

Coral Springs, Florida

This writer had the pleasure of (8) years ago of becoming involved with Leonard Blumberg, the guiding force behind USA Pipelining. We were retained by Coral Ridge Towers East (CRTE) to oversee the replacement of the “open” condenser water piping system at that 40-year-old building. Just as CRTE was mobilizing to restore their old piping, Leonard Blumberg, was just completing the replacement of a similar piping system at Coral Ridge Tower South. This replacement was a severe challenge, with many unexpected hazards and challenges, but USA Pipelining did not waiver in their determination to complete the project even though the cost overruns were enormous. Many Florida contractors would have abandoned the project not, USA Pipelining.

We met with Leonard Blumberg and his team at the time and he advised that the noise, dust, and inconvenience associated with the piping replacement at CRTS was severe and that the burden on the owners was huge. He had investigated a new technique for epoxy coating the interior surfaces of steel piping and suggested that CRTE might benefit from using this new technique rather than pipe replacement. Accordingly, we investigated the possibility and found that epoxy coating of steel piping had been used successfully in Europe for 20 years and the product and technique were far enough advanced that a 15-year warranty was available. After consulting with the board of CRTE, it was decided to forego the typical pipe replacement in that building and epoxy coat all of the mains, branch and riser condenser water piping. The cost savings resulting from this change was nearly fifty percent (50%) and the absence of objectionable demolition and construction techniques was equally effective.

Years have passed since the CRTE piping was epoxy coated and several things have become apparent, the technological advances in the industry are simply amazing. The equipment can reach more areas, the epoxy has many variations, the quality control is greater and relative costs have fallen.

The one constant in all this is the integrity of Leonard Blumberg. His standards of excellence have never diminished, even in the face of unseen challenges. His attitude is as old school as ever -never promise more than you can deliver and always deliver more than you promise.

This writer welcomes any type of communication regarding the above. If you are wavering on engaging USA Pipelining for a project, please contact this writer. A great effort will be made to convince the caller of the value of going with USA Pipelining.

Peter Worthy

President of Peter Worthy & Associates 37 East Acre Drive Plantation, Florida 33317

Many thanks for your wonderful service at the Country Crest Apartments. Your men were exemplary. They were all very courteous and polite to all the tenants as they entered each apartment to handle the necessary plumbing requirements.
To have your epoxy pipe lining system throughout our waste lines is a wonderful relief knowing we will no longer deal with the problems of opening walls or digging up floors to replace broken waste lines.
Our buildings are more than fifty years old. I have been told that the cast iron pipes will last only a couple more years before I have to completely replace them. I am pleased that I was proactive and had all my lines resurfaced with your lining system. What peace of mind this brings me to know that I took care of a problem. Your company and staff are a joy and pleasure to work with.

Mitchell Zogby

Manager of Country Crest Apartments 6430-6400 NE 18th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff/crew for the superior work you have done on the Harbour House project. I am pleased with the cost-effective alternative to the rehabilitation of the existing plumbing by utilizing your pipelining method without structural damage and with very little impact on the residents of the building. Your work was completed on budget and in a timely and professional manner. Based on your quality of work, we would be delighted to recommend your services.

Joyce M. Bronson

Executive Vice President of The Related Group 10275 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour, Florida 33154

I had initially contacted USA Pipelining in 2009 concerning the condition of the drain lines in our kitchen area. Many had been placed out of use due to collapses, and many had a combination of grease and general sewage due to this condition. We also looked at the possibility of sleeving these lines. We felt that the process offered by USA Pipelining was our best alternative versus total replacement or sleeving. If we would have sleeved these lines versus epoxy lining, we needed 6 hours for the curing process to take place versus fifteen minutes on the epoxy coating.
After having USA Pipelining coat our kitchen drain lines, I am extremely pleased to say the process worked very well. The staff of USA Pipelining were well mannered and neat. Each morning, the kitchen was put back in order; clean and orderly. Our dietary services manager had nothing but compliments for the USA Pipelining Team. After the project had been completed, we started experiencing stoppages in the lines that were coated. We called local companies to service the problem and they were unsuccessful at locating our problem. At that point, I contacted Mr. Blumberg at USA Pipelining informing him of our problem. He and his team came back to our hospital and after a 15 hour drive immediately got to work and discovered the problem.
Not only did USA Pipelining remove the problem stoppage, but thye also discovered other problems that were not part of the scope. They took the initiative to make those repairs as well. I would highly recommend USA Pipelining to repair drain piping or chilled water piping lines. The process is not only wonderful, but eco-friendly and is extremely durable. Thank you Mr. Blumberg and your team for a fantastic outcome.

John Sohn Director

- Plant Operations at Decatur General Hospital 1201 7th St SE Decatur, Alabama 35609