Pipelining is a new and innovative way to clean and restore rusty and corroded metal pipes, Instead of breaking through walls and floor to replace destroyed pipes, we use robots to crawl through the lines while spraying the interior with a safe, impermeable epoxy that seals cracks and protects metal from further corrosion by preventing oxidation. Our unique epoxy is chemically engineered to withstand the erosive forces of fast-flowing water found in both domestic and industrial piping meets and exceeds the toughest health standards for material coming in contact with drinking water.

Before we line old, cracked pipes, we clean out rust and residue. Our coating robots then make their way through the plumbing system, spraying hot epoxy our of heads spinning 360 degrees to ensure total coverage.  The epoxy seals up pits, crevices, pinholes, cracks and fractures, bonding to the cleaned metal interior.  

The controlled airflow keeps the liquid epoxy in place on the walls of the pipes while aiding in the curing process. The result?  A new water delivery system with lining is 10 times stronger than concrete and outstanding flexural strength. The lining prevents oxidation, tuberculation, leachate, staining of plumbing fixtures, flavoring, and heavy metal contamination of drinking water. No other system can make these claims in a commercial environment.                                 


Epoxy is an advanced formulation of polymers which when combined creates a resin harder than most metals and corrosion-resistant. Once epoxy adheres to a surface, contaminants cannot penetrate the protective coating. The epoxy we use for lining plumbing systems has been rigorously tested for efficacy and meets all health standards for contact with drinking water.  

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